Welcome to the Mid Atlantic Flag Football League   
2019 Registration Dates and Times:
1) Sunday, Feb 17, 2019 = 2-4pm 
Buffalo Wild Wings
7732 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22306
Alexandria VA 22303


Registration & addtional "in season" fees:
$600 for a 10 game Spring schedule: (This total amount is due by March 11th)
* Payment can be made by Check/Cash/PayPal, or CashApp.

Any past due payments from prior seasons (including player Fines) not paid by Feb 17th will incur a $25 service charge (Regardless of amout past due)

We've had a lot of problems getting full payment from teams before the deadline let alone before the season and sometimes this carries into the season......which is why we will have an additional fee for teams that cannot make this full payment before the deadline (Fee amount will be $50 for the first week, with an additional $25 every week after).

Please make sure you take care of this as soon as possible so we do not have to chase you down. Payments arrangements can be setup thru  Kent Page, if these payments carry pass the deadline.....fees will be applied.

Referee Fees: $65 Per Game for 4 Refs. $50 Per game for 3 Refs

Season Dates: Regular Season  (Tentative)
Week 1  - 04/7
Week 2  - 04/14
Easter   - 04/21  (Easter)
OC         - 04/28  (Ocean City)
Week 3  - 05/05 
Moms    - 05/12  (Mothers Day - 1st rain out makeup)
Week 4 - 05/19
             - 05/26  (Memorial Day Weekend)
Week 5 - 06/02
VB        - 06/09
Championships 06/16 (Fathers Day)

CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT -June 16th(**Note: Rain outs will push the season back ONE week and playoffs would Championships on 06/23

Game Schedules:
Schedules will be out as soon as possible once all teams are registered and paid. The plan is to have the schedule out by March 24th which is 14 DAYS before season starts. We always had problems with this in the past and we highly encourage ALL teams to at least register so we know who is in ahead of time. The later you wait the later this comes out.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: It is YOUR responsibilty to check the message board/Website/Facebook for gametimes! Sometimes game times may be switched during the week for a number of reasons. . We will try to give phone calls to teams when changes occur, but this is NOT guarenteed. What IS guarenteed is that information will be posted on the FaceBook Site for all to see. If info is posted after Wednesday Night, then the league WILL guarentee a phone call to teams invovled in any change.

Rain-Outs: Unfortuantely this is something that cannot be controlled, I wish we could.....:) In these types of situations we will extend the season. Once we get to these types of issues teams may have to travel to different locations OR play at different times depending on what is needed to make the schedule work.

Playoff Teams: Not all teams make playoffs (may change due to unusal amount of team season forfiets). Number of teams that make the playoffs will be determined after all teams are registered and paid in full. (Ie Top 8 of a 12 team division, Top 6 in a 10 team division).

Field Locations: UPDATE (01/01/2019)

1) Tucker Road Sports Complex

Gametimes: Usual start time is at 9am. There may be occasions were gametimes may start slightly earlier pending Rain-Out double header reschedules, Permit availabilty, Etc. Numbers of games on each field will be determined by number of teams in the league and number of fields we use. We would prefer to have no less then 4 games on each field. Spring Game times run later into the day then Fall Game Times. 

MAFFL Tournament Teams: The MAFFL is very fortunate to have some of the best teams in the nation play in our league. This is attatined thru tournament play throughout the year which we try to encourage every team to do. With that said, teams that plan on particpating in a tournament during the MAFFL Season must inform the league prior to MAR 15th. This will give us time to schedule your dates accordingly and give us time to put out the schedule in a timely manner. Teams that DO NOT inform the league before this date will receive a FORFIET for that day. If you think you team will play on certain dates, it better to make arrangemets and be safe. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: There will be NO rescheduling of playoffs for any team!!! AGAIN, There will be NO rescheduling of playoffs for any team!!!. Playoffs dates are posted. Period!
If you plan on playing in a tournament at this time your game will be forfieted.......which means IF your team has already played in the 1st Round or Semi-Final the team you previously beat will get to play in that SPOT. We will NOT have anyone walk into the championship game

Make sure you take advantage of our FACEBOOK Page <MAFFL ELITE> and follow us on twitter at @MAFFL1

Pay for the season via PayPal
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