Welcome to the Mid Atlantic Flag Football League   
All Star Nominations:

Every game, you should nominate FIVE (5) players from your opponents squad. These FIVE players are:
1 OL
1 DL
1 Defensive Skill
1 Offensive Skill
1 Other

Send this information to: nvffawatcher@aol.com

I need it by Tuesday evening. after week 6 I will have a list of All Stars to vote upon

Game of the Week

WAC Rebels vs Metro Dawgs
Player of the week
(Nominations due in by TUE PM)

Send in your Nominations from the team you played..don't nominae your own teammates.  If your that good...someone else will tell us

Team of the Week(Nominations due in by Wed AM)
You can nominate your own team,  but better tell me why you should be
Rule of the Week:
If a Defensive Players starts the play without any flags, and intercepts the ball.The play is dead at the spot of the catch.  Interception counts, 1st down! 
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