Welcome to the Mid Atlantic Flag Football League   
Rankings - Move up or down - Your Choice

If you brought it in, you take it out.  Fines start this week.  Trash cans are on every sideline - use them.  Tell the teams that are playing before you to pick up their trash as well.

Enough of the crap.  If you want to fight - then go join a boxing league.  We play football - yes its physical, sometimes things happen.  If you cant take it - get out.
If you throw a punch (05/12/14) your gone for the rest of the season. No more warnings - this is it for everyone. Fines will NOW be done on the TEAM level.

Sportsmanship, Handle your players
Saw some good things out there - heard somegood things out there. 
Saw some WTF moments, heard some WTF comments. 
Remember players/Coaches - at the end of the day is this all for fun.  No one is getting paid (and if ya are then the league office would like a %) and the majority of us have work, or are looking for work on Monday. 

#1 WAC REBELS (6-0-1) LW -1
    Still undefeated, and still playing tough football every week.  Turning the ball over is never a good thing, but this sqaud overcame its own mistake to escape with a tie

#2 Savages (6-1) LW-3
    Got a big win last week, and a gift with the forfeit. They would have still likely won the game, but without risking any injuries - a free W is a gift.  Major game this weekend, setting up another epic game. 

RydeOut (5-2) LW-2  
     Never count out RydeOut.  The loss to the #2 squad may have done nothing but light a fire underneath this sqaud.  The merger looks good, so far, but it take a bit of time to jell.  Peak for the playoffs? 

#4 GetSome(5-2) LW-4
    They are just racking up the points, every week.  Anytime you can avg 3 touchdowns a game, you are doing something right.  They are playing the best game right now, and will need to sustain it over the next few weeks.

#5 Assassins (4-2) LW-7
    With close wins over #2 last week, and another close victory over the defending champions this squad may have turned the corner.  If they stay focused with the players they have used this season, they could make noise.  Big test this week  - are you a contender or pretender? 

#6 B-United (3-3) LW-5 
    This team is better then .500, its just they cant seem to get out of thier own way.  This has been one of the biggest drop-offs, and its very surprising considering the talent they have.

#7  FE Blackhawks  (2-4-1) LW-6
     Lets not panic here, or celebrate the downfall of the champions.  This team has had a few bumps in the road this year with personal and rumored injuries.  They will more hen likely still make the post season, and that is a whole new season.  The excuses surprised me, and even more so - nobody called them out on it??  Double standard or afraid to poke the beast? 

#8 Morningside Monarchs
(2-5) LW-8    
2-0 to start the season, and have not won a game since.  Big tests this week and will need at least 2 wins to get into the post season.  NOt writing them off yet, as I always expect a rally from Frankin & Co. 

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